Help me name my character!! – Contest!!

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send-help_small.jpgI need help naming the female character in my book. Here is her biographical info:

She was born in 1887 – In the US

Very strong willed, life of the party, outgoing

Here are the choices I have narrowed it down to – please leave a comment with the name you like best!

1. Genevieve (Gen or Gennie)

2. Catherine (Cat or Cathy)

3. Abigail (Abby)

4. Emmaline (Emma)

Thanks – one commenter will win a $10 gift card to Amazon.


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10 Responses to “Help me name my character!! – Contest!!”

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Out of those names I like Emmaline ( imagine that) We named Adeline after a Great- Great grandparent from the 1870’s……I of course love that name also!!

Well, of course, Emma. Emma is an outgoing name for a girl in 1887.

I have to say Genevieve is one of my fav’s. But My Gradmother was born in 1901
and her Name was Katharine…. so maybe Kat with a K. She was a tiny little spit fire. In the 1920 she drove arcoss the country with just 2 kids. Not many women would have done that in those days.
Just a thought…….
Good luck with your blog.

Definitely Genevieve. It is my grandmother’s name. She often went by “evie” to those she was close to.

HI! I popped over from the MJD group so don’t enter me! But, I would like to cast a vote for Catherine. (It’s my daughters middle name. *G*)

I like Brandy’s suggestion of Genevieve and Evie for short. But that was the name of the main female character in the Mummy movies so you may not want to use it. I still it the best though. That Catnipped book sounds crazy! I’ve never heard of weretigers.

I’m voting for Genevieve because I really like Brandy’s suggestion of “Evie”. I hadn’t thought of that as a nn. My next choice would be Abigal (Abby)… it’s a classic name that has withstood the years. Plus, Abby is just a fun name. 🙂

1. Genevieve (Gen or Gennie)

I like this name because your heroin seems to resemble the first Genevieve of the Camelot fame, at least in wilfulness. Another name I really like is Josephine, Jo for short. But that’s just my Alcott-ness 🙂

I like Genevieve & Emmaline.

I vote for #4, Emmaline or Emma, just seems to be a more life of the party name to me then the other choices. Cat seems like a life of the party name also but it is used a lot for that type of character.

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