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Flashpoint (Harlequin Blaze) by Jill Shalvis

From the back of the book:

There’s no putting out this fire…

Zach Thomas risks his life battling flames every day. But since sexy EMT Brooke O’Brian joined the crew, he can’t resist playing with fire. Brooke is feisty, a little uptight…and sexy as hell. And as Zach soon discovers, she’s definitely hot stuff between the sheets. Still, every firefighter knows that the hotter the blaze, the faster the action’s over…

After the whirlwind ride Zach’s been taking her on, Brook is ready to do anything for this man – in and out of bed! But she knows footloose and fancy-free Zach doesn’t do commitment. So she plans to build up a five-alarm fire between them. The kind he won’t ever want to put out…

First, I just have to say that the cover on the Blaze is HOT!!! And the story is too. From the second they meet Zach and Brooke have amazing chemistry. This story also has heart and not just hormones. Both characters are used to a solitary past, and have to work to overcome it. The dynamic of Zach and the other firefighters is great. They seem like a real family teasing each other and constantly being in each others business. Next month (August), Aidan, Zach’s best friend, will get his turn. Make sure to get both Flashpoint and Flashback.

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Heated Rush

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Heated Rush (Harlequin Blaze) by Leslie Kelly

From the back of the book:

You know you’re hard up when you have to buy a date…

But Annie Davis’s big family reunion is looming, and she needs a stand-in man fast or she’ll never hear the end of it. Any gorgeous guy will do. Her solution? The drop-dead-sexy man at the charity bachelor auction. His good looks and blue-collar background make him perfect for her! Or is he?

Sean Murphy has a bit of a surprise for Annie. Not only is he not blue-collar, he’s actually a sophisticated European entrepreneur, one who’s made pleasuring women an art form. And he wants to permanently pleasure Annie! But Sean knows that if she discovers his secret, their wickedly delicious liaison will be over. Lucky for both of them, he’s learned enough tricks to keep Annie distracted for a long, long time…

This is the second book in The Wrong Bed: Again and Again. The first book is Slow Hands. This book has two very lovable characters. Annie is the ultimate girl next door. She was raised by an extremely overprotective family and longs for a life on her own terms. After moving away from home and starting her own child care facility those dreams are coming true. The only dark spot in her life is she doesn’t have a man to take home for her parent’s anniversary party. Enter Sean Murphy. This man is sex personified. He is charming, kind, and has an Irish accent. The chemistry between Annie and Sean is hot, but there is also a tenderness between the two of them. I enjoyed the way he takes care of her and makes sure that she is happy. I really recommend reading this book.

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BTW – I received an extra copy of Heated Rush, I will give it away this Friday along with Flashpoint by Jill Shalvis. I had intended to give away Lover Enshrined this Friday, so there will be two winners!!

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If He Only Knew……

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If He Only Knew… (Harlequin Blaze) by Debi Rawlins

Sara Wells is an southern heiress who has every thing she could ever want, except privacy. So she decides to takes a year off to enjoy a “normal” life.  Although she has her law degree she goes to work as a temp in a NY law firm.

Cody Shea is a partner in the firm where Sara is working. He is intrigued by the southern belle, but knows that she is off limits, both as an employee and someone of a lower social class. He follows her back home to Atlanta hoping to get her out of his system, but somethings don’t work out the way we plan.

This was a cute story. The mincommunications and misrepresentations throughout made it very enjoyable to read. Cody Shea comes across like a man with a very big ego and Sara comes across a little deceiving. I think it is these characteristics that make the story work. If he was all things gentlemanly and she was a perfect lady it would not have gripped the reader and romantic in me.

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Jinxed! (Harlequin Blaze, No. 303)by Jacquie D’Alessandro, Jill Shalvis, Crystal Green

Harlequin Blaze February 07

Blame it on Karma by Jacquie D’Allessandro – Lacey Perkins owns a sexy coffee shop and is sick of putting up with her property manager, Evan Sawyer. Even Sawyer doesn’t want to be attracted to Lacey, but can’t get her out of his head.

Together Again? by Jill Shalvis – After being separated for 10 years, Chloe Cooper sees her former lover across from her at a party. Ian McCall is instantly drawn to the one woman that has made him feel whole, but there are things that will have to be dealt with before he can make her his.

Tall, Dark & Temporary by Crystal Green – Erin Holland and Wes Ryan are taking a romantic cruise. Erin has been upfront with Wes from the beginning that he is her “transition” man. But is that all he wants to be?

The stories are tied together by a fortune teller imparting her wisdom about true love!

This was a sexy, fun read. I loved the way that each story flowed into the next, the characters being mentioned in stories other than their own. Each story was romantic and packed full of sex!! My favorite was Blame it on Karma!

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