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This weeks prize is really, really good. It is a signed ARC of Hotter Than Hell , by Jackie Kessler. Here is the book trailer for Hotter Than Hell.

Here is the book synopsis from Jackie Kessler’s website:

The incubus Daunuan loves his job: seduce a lot of mortals, bring their souls to Hell, party at the best interdimensional pub this side of the Astral Plane. But when the King of Lust makes him an offer he can’t refuse, Daun has to give up all the tricks of his trade to properly befriend—and bed—Virginia Reed, a woman who’s meant for Heaven.

If he can get her to love him for the incubus he really is, and if he can avoid the rogue demons that are hell-bent on destroying him for reasons unknown, Daun will become the First Principal of Lust, second in line to the King. But Daun learns that love is more than a four-letter word, and that maybe, just maybe, demons really do have feelings after all…

The book doesn’t come out until August, but one lucky commenter wont have to wait that long. Leave a comment with your favorite celeb crush. Duan is a demon of lust and “Hotter Than Hell”, but there are some pretty inspiring men here on Earth. Who is your favorite?? The contest will run through midnight on Sunday (6/15)

To order this book go to:


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33 Responses to “Win an ARC!!!”

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Oh the choices. Keanu Reeves, Richard Gere (the one in pretty woman), Simon Baker,

*dreamy sighs* 😉

My absolute favorite crush is Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I love him! I have even tried to get the husband to grow out his beard so I can put some beads in it, but he said no.

I really like Gerard Butler right now…the man is just dreamy. Although Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp are both excellent choices too.

Gad, Lori totally stole my crush – Gerald Butler. Yeah, he can be my Leonidas any day.

And Jensen Ackles? I have no words, he’s just too yummy. He’s currently my wallpaper. 😀

Gerard. Who cares about his name anyway, right? 😉 Heheh.

Im in love with Clive Owen. He is just so hotttt!

My HOTTEST crush is on ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. Have you ever seen a more mesmerizing man!!

Alex O’loughlin is HOT! Gotta love a sexy vamp!

Sean Connery. Who can resist that sexy accent? And he just gets better with age…sigh.

Well the celeb crush of the moment is Orlando Bloom….. he is just yummy

Jonathan Rhys Meyers; he just gets better and better everytime… I love his voice, its elegant and all dressed up in a leather jacket, he’s the bad boy of my dreams! Can someone say sexy, I seem to be unable to speak at the moment. God he’s hot.

Don’t enter me… just stopped by to say JAX ROCKS and so do her books !

Ok…have ya seen The Tudors?…Ya gotta see Henry Cavill in some mattress dancing scenes. Damn!!! that man is gorgeous and that accent….THUD!!!!

George Clooney and Viggo Mortenson.
Couont me in!

oops i meant count me in!

Johnny Depp obviously has something going for him, but I’m going to go with Jonathan Rhys Meyers here; I mean, c’mon, that accent…those eyes…those lips…his…oh, hell, HIM. Period. All of him. Just thinking about him….*melts*

Jon Bon Jovi! He is soooo hot!!

Ryan Goosling is my crush with Josh Halloway coming in second! I just finished reading her first book Hell’s Belles and I have the second one. Would love the ARC so I could continue the series and wouldn’t have to wait until August.

My fav sexy actors would be Alex O’loughlin or Harison Ford ten to twenty years ago 😉

Well, Bon Jovi is HOT!!
But there is just something about Nicholas Cage that’s pure sexy!!
So Nicholas is my pick.

well Toby Keith is my true love.. lol.. but on tv id have to say that i love the guy that plays Aiden Devane on All my Children…i think its the

I like John Barrowman from Torchwood and David Tennant from Dr. Who. I have a thing for accents and they’re so HOTT!!!!

My fav is Keanu Reeves.

I would have to say Ben Barnes after watching Prince Caspian a couple of weeks ago.

My favorite is Johnny Depp. The characters he portrays are always mesmerizing.

AHHH Many have stolen my crush from 21st Jump Street… Johnny Depp who will always warm my body…. UGUMMM but since he has been snitched I will have to say Jason Patric in the Lost Boys Movie….YUMMO

Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortenson (but only as Aragorn), and Sting. I’ve had a crush on the latter since high school!

I agree, Johnny depp is hot and I think he’s getting sexier as he gets older

Clive Owen! yum 🙂 Ooooh and if we’re including singers then Rob Thomas.

Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, Viggo Mortenson, Hugh Jackman are all some of celeb crushes

Ummm hello Gerard Butler… he’s definitely a MAN’s man… but I bet he can also be one heck of a woman’s man too!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – hot and deadly and noble. What an awesome combo!

Tom as in Tom Selleck. From a novel it would have to be John Sandfords, “Lucas Daveport”… he’s a hottie who doesn’t wear his pants to high!

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